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Set Your Spirit Free With A NITRO RC Airplane

Stunt Gas Airplane
Put on a stunt show in the sky with this Aerobatic NITRO Airplane.

All you need to go flying is a 4-8 channel dual-conversion receiver, 2C .46 or 4C .52 glow engine or 400-600 watt brushless motor and speed control, and 5 standard size servos.


Almost ready to fly, here's a NITRO Stunt Plane to turn your air show dreams into reality.

Gas Powered WWII War Plane
Designed in Germany the Focke-Wulf Fighter Plane was the fastest, most dangerous war plane of WWII.

Grab a slice of history with this NITRO version Germany's best fighter plane.

Surveillance Patrol NITRO Aircraft
Designed for light attack and observation in the 1960s the Bronco Gas Airplane still flies for countries around the world.

Engine and radio equipment sold seperately.

NITRO P40 Warhawk
This war bird was the main battle plane for the U.S. Army at the beginning of WWII.

Take control of the NITRO P40 Warhawk, and prowl the skies.

P51 Gas Mustang
Almost ready to fly (the engine and transmitter are sold seperately) this big fighter has a wingspan of near 5-feet wide.

Stage your own air battles with a Gas Powered P51 Mustang.

Gas Aerobatic Radio Control Airplane
Almost ready for the air show. (Don't forget to order your engine and transmitter when you order this NITRO plane.)

Here's a Gas Fueled Aircraft just right for your stunt flying adventures.